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  • Four Elements Beach a.k.a. Bounty Bay<
  • Four Elements Beach a.k.a. Bounty Bay<
  • Four Elements Beach a.k.a. Bounty Bay<

Four Elements Beach a.k.a. Bounty Bay

Information comming soon...


Mission, Vision & Inspiration

When was the last time you felt the sun and wind in your face as you hiked or biked across spectacular terrain, saw amazing views from the top of a hill or paddled a kayak silently across a peaceful water in the early morning or under the moon and millions of twinkling stars ?


Let Us Help You Do Just That & Get You Outside!


Allow us to make your vacation dreams a reality and we will create an adventure that matches your desires and skill level, a perfect adventure that feeds your soul, mind and body.


Our efforts and hard work have one sole purpose: your unquestionable satisfaction. We want you to have the time of your life and, at the same time, end each activity with a feeling that you just got a step closer to nature. That’s why all of our activities are carefully planned and prepared to offer you just the right mix of fun, learning, challenge and safety.
Remember, Your safety is our number one priority while at the same time empowering you to expand your horizons and skills.


Four Elements Company is outdoor adventure, recreational and sport activities provider with team of dynamic, competent and experienced staff who can support all your needs from your first contact with our company until your journey has been completed with us.


Our vision is the integration of solutions and strategies for sustainable and innovative activities in the area.


Earth, Water, Air & Fire, basic four elements of nature are our environment, our passion & our inspiration.


We respect, enjoy and protect the unique environment in which we work and play. We appreciate not just its beauty, but also its fragility. Protecting the habitat means that we enjoy it at its most pristine and beautiful best, and we know that those coming after us will benefit from it as well.


Welcome to our world…



OIB: 71273370657
MBS: 040281499


Account Number
Erste&Steiermärkische bank d.d
Account Number: 1100619936
IBAN: HR2724020061100619936


Board Members
Ana Blečić, Mladen Karačić


Amount of Share Capital
20.000,00 kn / the amount paid in total


Four Elements Limited Company
for Tourism, Services and Tourist Agency
Registered in the Trade Register
of the Commercial Court in Rijeka,
a permanent office in Pazin.