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Mountain Biking.

The Parenzana cycling trail

The Parenzana cycling trail

The new sports and recreational trail that offers magical and breathtaking views of Istria, has a reconstructed section of the historic railway that connected Poreč and Trieste. The Istrian section of Parenzana is winding through wonderful valleys, over green hills, through vineyards and along olive groves all the way to medieval towns. The entire trail is marked with characteristic yellow signposts providing information on historical viaducts, tunnels and railway stations that you will discover on this challenging journey.

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Explore quieter and more adventure places

Mountain bike - remarkable adventure vehicle powered by proteins & carbohydrates.

Mountain Biking allows you to escape the confines of pavement, the roar of traffic, and the increasingly motorized din of modern civilization.

Would you like to go away from big cities traffic and explore quieter and more adventure places? Would you like to ride your mountain bike on super sweet leisurely trails, backcountry roads or you can’t wait to go into the rough stuff — rocks, rugged dirt roads, alpine single-track? Would you like fun, experienced and knowledgeable guides to show you the way on the trail, teach you things you never knew about and ensure that your time spent on bike is a vacation to remember?

If your answer is YES, this is a right place for you.
We invite you to join us on a tour through the trails on beautiful locations in the spectacular countryside that makes eastern part of Istria a mountain biker’s paradise.

We look forward to ride with you soon.